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Dr. Naira Gorovits

Scientific Analyst

Dr. Naira Gorovits is a molecular biologist, biochemist and basic medical scientist. Her postdoctoral research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY, focused on identifying and inhibiting molecular pathways responsible for uncontrolled division of breast cancer cells. During her graduate training, Dr. Gorovits was studying glucose transport in skeletal muscles, liver, and vasculature, perturbations of which are fundamental to the development of diabetes and its complications such as atherosclerosis.

At Greenspoon Marder, Dr. Gorovits reviews and analyzes basic scientific research, clinical trials and epidemiological studies from around the world. She follows a broad range of topics including, but not limited to, cardiovascular disease, acute myocardial infarctions, atherosclerosis, stroke, peripheral vascular disease, obesity, lung cancer, head and neck cancer, general cancer mechanisms, fetal development issues and fetal programming of adult life. She focuses on environmental, behavioral and genetic factors all of which contribute to health and disease. Dr. Gorovits closely follows medical and scientific literature related to cannabis exposure.


  • Ph.D., Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 2003
  • M.Sc., Hebrew University, 1994
  • B. Sc., Yerevan State Medical University, Yerevan, Armenia, 1990

Other Languages

  • Russian
  • Hebrew
  • Armenian


  • Co-authored a number of textbook chapters, reviews and primary research articles
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