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Trademark Licensing Disputes

When it comes to trademarks, whether you are the IP owner or the licensee, both parties have rights and obligations as stated in their licensing agreement. If there is a dispute, you will need a lawyer who understands trademark licensing issues, and can help you determine the best action to take. Delaying action can result in increased damages. Discuss your situation with an experienced attorney.

Our firm handles trademark licensing disputes throughout the United States involving:

  • Use of a trademark without meeting the quality and auditing requirements of the original licensing agreement.
  • Failure to keep accurate accountings and/or to pay royalties.
  • Misuse of the subject marks or other IP interests.
  • Failure to abide by confidentiality requirements.
  • Other breaches of licensing agreements.

Make sure the requirements of the licensing agreement are met.

When one party fails to meet its obligations under a licensing agreement, an experienced attorney will be able to sort through the facts and determine the appropriate action to take in order to protect the business. Contact Greenspoon Marder today for an appointment.

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