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Category: Publications

Biden Takes Important Step Toward Legalizing Marijuana by Pardoning Simple Possession Convictions 

Oct 6, 2022

“The Need For Student Athletes to Insure Their Current And Future Earnings” Published in the Lead1 Association’s NIL Institutional Report

Sep 23, 2022

On the Path to Normalization: Cannabis Odor Does Not Give Rise to Probable Cause Says Illinois Appellate Court

Sep 22, 2022

Federal Appellate Court Rejects Maine’s Cannabis-Related Residency Requirements

Aug 26, 2022

New York Offers Priority in Dispensary Licensing to a Niche set of Social Equity Applicants

Aug 19, 2022

Do Medical Marijuana Users Have the Right to Bear Arms?

Aug 15, 2022

Industry-Led Efforts Begin Campaign to Legalize Adult Use of Marijuana in Florida for 2024

Aug 15, 2022