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Category: Publications

Client Alert: Texas Court Puts FTC’s Noncompete Ban on Hold

Publications Jul 18, 2024 Newark, NJ

Client Alert: Colorado Department of Revenue’s Marijuana Enforcement Division Initiates Annual Permanent Rulemaking Meetings

Cannabis Jul 16, 2024

Colorado Court of Appeals – Weeks of June 13 – June 20

Jul 12, 2024

Colorado Court of Appeals – Weeks of May 23 – May 30

Jun 17, 2024

In an Enforcement Action against Kroger, the Florida DABT Imposes Brick-and-Mortar Standards on E-Commerce Sales

Jun 12, 2024

Minnesota Regulators’ Crackdown on Hemp Flower, Sees Results

Jun 6, 2024

High School NIL Arrives in Florida: How to Navigate a New Era of High School Sports

Jun 5, 2024