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Category: Publications

Arkansas Becomes The 21st State to Adopt Domestic Asset Protection Trust Laws

International Wealth & Asset Planning Blog Mar 21, 2023 Denver, CO

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Its Impact on the Sports Industry

Publications Mar 20, 2023 Miami, FL

The Implications of Passing a Federal NIL Bill

Publications Mar 13, 2023 Orlando, FL

The Cavinder Twins Case: NCAA’s First NIL Ruling?

News Mar 6, 2023 Miami, FL

Navigating Name, Image, and Likeness as a Student-Athlete

Publications Feb 27, 2023 Miami, FL

Hard “Soft-Drinks” and their “Disruptor” Presence

Hospitality, Alcohol & Leisure Blog Feb 24, 2023 Miami, FL

Patchwork of Rules Governing NIL Use

News Feb 20, 2023 Atlanta, GA