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Category: Publications

Tax Avoidance v. Tax Evasion – One of These is Not Like the Other

Publications Jan 31, 2024 Denver, CO

Credit Card Surcharges, Who Wants to Pay Them?

Jan 26, 2024 Miami, FL

Minnesota’s OCM Looks to Rein in Marijuana Being Sold as “Hemp”

Cannabis Blog Jan 24, 2024 Chicago, IL

The Transfer Portal Has Changed the Dynamic of College Sports

Jan 18, 2024 Miami, FL

Timing Matters: Enforceability of After-Included Arbitration Provision

Jan 11, 2024 Newark, NJ

Copyrights, Trademarks, and a Certain Animated Mouse

Intellectual Property Blog Jan 8, 2024 New York, NY

Colorado Court of Appeals – Weeks of December 7 – December 28

Jan 4, 2024 Denver, CO