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Navigating Florida’s Marijuana Landscape: A Closer Look at THC Caps and Policy Implications

Cannabis Blog Feb 12, 2024 Fort Lauderdale, FL

Minnesota’s OCM Looks to Rein in Marijuana Being Sold as “Hemp”

Cannabis Blog Jan 24, 2024 Chicago, IL

Ohio Voters Legalize Adult-Use Marijuana

Nov 8, 2023

Cannabis Rescheduling Deep Dive: Part I – Introduction & Impact on State-Legal Businesses

Sep 11, 2023

Florida’s Marijuana Ballot Initiative is Under Review: How the State’s Supreme Court Decision Could Dictate the State’s Future of Adult-Use

Aug 29, 2023

Adult-Use Legalization Initiative Heads to the Ohio Ballot

Aug 17, 2023

Registration Now Open for Companies Selling Lower-Potency Hemp Products in Minnesota

Aug 17, 2023