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Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment Blocked By The House

Cannabis Blog Sep 7, 2017 Portland, OR Read More

Surprise, Surpise! With Threats of Heavier Enforcement, the Administration and Democrats Clash Over Marijuana Policy

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Counties and Municipalities are Grappling with How to Regulate Dispensaries under Florida’s New Medical Marijuana Law

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Social Use Consumption: Still Waiting

Cannabis Blog Jul 25, 2017 Portland, OR Read More

Update: Nevada Department of Taxation Votes Unanimously To Move the Industry’s Distribution Process Forward

Cannabis Blog Jul 15, 2017 Las Vegas, NV Read More

New Jersey Adult-Use: With Christie Headed Out, Murphy Could Spark Change

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Oregon 2017 Legislative Session Summary: New Marijuana Regulations in a Session Bogged Down with Partisan Politics and Budget Deficit Concerns

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