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Category: Cannabis

Schedule I to Schedule III: Cannabis Reclassification on the Horizon!

Cannabis Apr 30, 2024 Chicago, IL

Kentucky Begins Accepting Medical Cannabis License Application on July 1, 2024 — Here’s What You Need to Know

Apr 23, 2024 Chicago, IL

Florida Supreme Court Approves Adult-Use Marijuana Initiative for November 2024 Ballot

Apr 2, 2024

Ohio Voters Legalize Adult-Use Marijuana

Nov 8, 2023 Chicago, IL

Cannabis Rescheduling Deep Dive: Part I – Introduction & Impact on State-Legal Businesses

Sep 11, 2023 Chicago, IL

Florida’s Marijuana Ballot Initiative is Under Review: How the State’s Supreme Court Decision Could Dictate the State’s Future of Adult-Use

Aug 29, 2023

Adult-Use Legalization Initiative Heads to the Ohio Ballot

Aug 17, 2023 Chicago, IL