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Category: Sports Law and NIL Blog

The Transfer Portal Has Changed the Dynamic of College Sports

Jan 18, 2024 Miami, FL

What You Need to Know About House v. NCAA Prior to Class Certification Hearing This Thursday

Sep 20, 2023 Miami, FL

Why Athletes Have Success With Franchising

Aug 10, 2023 Miami, FL

Upcoming Challenges to the Tax-Exempt Status of NIL Collectives

Jun 21, 2023 Atlanta, GA

Student-Athletes as Social Media Influencers: Opportunities and Pitfalls for Influencers and Corporate Partners

Jun 7, 2023 Atlanta, GA

What You Need to Know About Johnson v. NCAA

May 1, 2023 Miami, FL

How NIL Affects Foreign National Students

Immigration Blog Apr 27, 2023 New York, NY