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Category: Publications

Do Medical Marijuana Users Have the Right to Bear Arms?

Cannabis Blog Aug 15, 2022 Chicago, IL

Industry-Led Efforts Begin Campaign to Legalize Adult Use of Marijuana in Florida for 2024

Cannabis Aug 15, 2022 Fort Lauderdale, FL

A New Deal? Massachusetts Enacts Cannabis Reform Law that Limits Community Impact Fees and Clarifies Licensing Guidelines

Cannabis Blog Aug 12, 2022 Chicago, IL

Beware the Franchise Law Lurking Behind Your Distribution Agreement

Hospitality, Alcohol & Leisure Blog Aug 8, 2022 Miami, FL

Meta Shifts Trademark Reality

Intellectual Property Blog Aug 5, 2022 New York, NY

Feeling lucky? Our Six Tips On What To Do If You Win The Lottery – Part 3

International Wealth & Asset Planning Blog Jul 28, 2022 Denver, CO

New Proposed IRS Regulations Show That Not All Gifts Are Safe from Clawback

International Wealth & Asset Planning Blog Jul 26, 2022 Denver, CO