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Category: Publications

Selfish Reasons to be Generous

International Wealth & Asset Planning Blog Jan 30, 2019 Denver, CO

Guide to Success for Hemp-Based CBD Companies in the Post 2018 Farm Bill Era: Verifiable FDA Mandated Food and Supplement Product Safety

Cannabis Jan 28, 2019 Washington, D.C.,

Can Blockchain Technology Protect Your IP Assets?

Intellectual Property Blog Jan 25, 2019 Scottsdale, AZ

Greenspoon Marder Immigration Alert: It’s That Time of the Year Again: H-1B Cap FY 2020

Immigration Blog Jan 24, 2019

TTB Closed for Business…And We Know It’s Bad for You.

Hospitality, Alcohol & Leisure Blog Jan 22, 2019 Miami, FL

Florida’s New Governor, Ron DeSantis, Announced His Position to Expand Florida’s Medical Marijuana Program

Cannabis Jan 18, 2019 Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Blair v Tenn” – Can A Retailer Ship Directly To Consumers?

Hospitality, Alcohol & Leisure Blog Jan 17, 2019 Miami, FL