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Category: Publications

Update: Nevada Department of Taxation Votes Unanimously To Move the Industry’s Distribution Process Forward

Jul 15, 2017

Land Use Regulation of Cannabis Ag: Over-regulation, Moratoriums, and Outright Bans When Compromise Should Be the Answer

Jul 6, 2017

Nevada Adult-Use Goes Live: Fear and Loathing in Cannabis Distribution

Jun 29, 2017

Jeff Sessions Asks Congress to Undo Rohrabacher-Farr; What Does This Mean?

Jun 19, 2017

“Legislature Suppresses Majority’s Will On Medical Marijuana” By: Gerald Greenspoon

Apr 19, 2017

“Estate Planning for the Cannabis Client” By: Carl Linder

Mar 9, 2017

“Top 10 HR Developments To Act On In 2017” By: Peter Siegel

Jan 4, 2017