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Category: Publications

Greenspoon Marder Intellectual Property Blog: Profit Awards in Trademark Cases: Supreme Court to Decide Whether Willfulness Is Required

Intellectual Property Blog Jul 1, 2019 Scottsdale, AZ Read More

Greenspoon Marder Immigration Alert: New Developments – July 1, 2019

Immigration Blog Jul 1, 2019 New York, NY Read More

Greenspoon Marder Client Alert: Ratification of the USMCA (The New NAFTA): What a Difference a Day Makes

Publications Jun 28, 2019 Washington, D.C., Read More

Coming this August: USDA to Release Hemp Regulations

Cannabis Jun 27, 2019 Denver, CO Read More

Greenspoon Marder Client Alert: Hotel/Hostel Industry Updates

Hospitality, Alcohol & Leisure Blog Jun 25, 2019 Miami, FL Read More

Greenspoon Marder Client Alert: Supreme Court Strikes Down Ban on Scandalous Trademarks in Iancu v. Brunetti

Intellectual Property Blog Jun 24, 2019 Read More

Greenspoon Marder International Wealth & Asset Planning Blog: How to Alleviate Your Concern about the Decriminalization of Hallucinogenic ‘Magic Mushrooms’ and Peyote by Providing Goal-Driven Beneficiary Provisions in Your Estate Plan

International Wealth & Asset Planning Blog Jun 24, 2019 Denver, CO Read More