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Greenspoon Marder’s Appellate Law Practice Group has more than four decades of expertise in this area of law, which requires an exceptional understanding of the intricate rules and practices by which appellate courts review trial court rulings.

Our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys represent local, regional, national and international clients in all types of civil proceedings in state and federal courts and in administrative and arbitration hearings. We also represent registered representatives and broker/dealers in securities arbitration before the N.A.S.D. and administrative matters before the N.Y.S.E.

When a matter involves significant legal questions, appellate counsel can be useful in the early stages in preparing or defending motions that may cut the action off or educate the court or parties on the issues, and possibly in teeing up certain points for interlocutory appeal. It is particularly useful to involve appellate counsel early when part of the case is expected to be appealed while the remainder is actively proceeding through discovery.

As an integral part of Greenspoon Marder’s substantial Litigation Practice Group, our appellate attorneys handle all aspects of pre-trial, trial, appellate and post-judgment proceedings in the most complex cases. Understanding the thorough preparation and critical research required in the appeals process, our Appellate Law Practice Group has the added resources of computerized legal research, litigation support systems and trained legal assistants to aid in successfully handling complicated matters. In addition, because Greenspoon Marder provides a full range of legal services, our appellate attorneys also have the advantage of drawing on a virtually unrivaled bank of legal knowledge and experience.

Additionally, most cases that are not resolved before trial will be appealed; having appellate counsel involved early may better position the litigation for that inevitable appeal. This is particularly true for certain pretrial proceedings that may end up being appealed, such as preliminary injunctions, which are often litigated on a very fast track. Appellate counsel can focus on the documentation and admission into the record of the various elements needed to prevail on appeal.

The following is a summary of the areas in which appellate counsel can assist trial counsel at the trial level:

  • Developing legal theories
  • Developing litigation strategy
  • Motion preparation
  • Pretrial memorandum/trial brief
  • Jury instructions and verdict forms
  • Involvement during trial
  • Jury deliberations
  • Immediately after judgement
  • Post-trial motions
  • Assessing risks and benefits of pursuing an appeal
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