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Client Alert: Warning: This Is Not An April Fool’s Joke—Scotus Says That To Be An “ATDS” Under The Telephone Consumer Protection Act There Must Be Capacity To Use A Random Or Sequential Number Generator

Consumer Finance Blog Apr 1, 2021 Fort Lauderdale, FL

Greenspoon Marder Consumer Finance Blog: United States Supreme Court Rules President May Remove Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director At Will

Consumer Finance Blog Jun 30, 2020

Greenspoon Marder Consumer Finance Blog: Proposed Legislation To Invalidate Arbitration Agreements And Class Action Waivers Passes House – Now In Senate

Consumer Finance Blog Oct 22, 2019

Greenspoon Marder Consumer Finance Blog: Florida’s Fourth DCA Awards Borrowers’ Attorney’s Fees Despite Bank’s Claim of Lack of Standing Under the Loan Documents

Consumer Finance Blog May 29, 2019

Bad Grammar Keeps FCRA Class Action Alive

Consumer Finance Blog Feb 14, 2019 Tampa, FL

Act FAST! Evaluate Your Privacy Policy (Again)—CFPB Finally Issues Final Rule Providing Exception to Annual Notice Requirement

Consumer Finance Blog Aug 29, 2018 Tampa, FL

US Supreme Court Allows States to Require Online Retailers to Collect Sales Taxes

Consumer Finance Blog Jun 21, 2018 Tampa, FL