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Trademark Law and Registration

There are many different ways in which a business can create branding. By using a trademark, you can build brand recognition and protect your business’s identity. At Greenspoon Marder, we provide clients with tailored intellectual property services, including the handling of all trademark issues. We explain the differences between a registered trademark (®) and an unregistered trademark (™), and help you decide upon the best possible strategy to protect your brand.

What Is a Trademark?

A trademark is the hallmark that a company uses to identify itself or the goods and services that it provides. It can be a slogan, word, phrase, symbol, logo, image, or any combination of these elements. Though trademark registration is not required, it may be beneficial to protect your rights and to ensure that your business is the one being identified by the trademark.

Trademark Creation and Licensing

Our law firm’s trademark practice includes counseling clients on choosing an identity that is strong, unique and protected by law. We have extensive experience dealing with the creation of trademarks and filing of applications in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and abroad.  We can help you understand how a trademark will represent your business in the public’s eye. We also prepare license agreements in order for other individuals and businesses to compensate you for the legal use of your trademark.

Trademark Litigation

When a trademark is used unlawfully, it is possible to get damages from and even stop the individual or entity who is infringing the trademark. You may be entitled to monetary compensation if the trademark usage benefitted the persons using it without your permission. Learn more about our trademark litigation practice.

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