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Greenspoon Marder LLP was founded with a focus on providing effective, full-service legal representation to the timeshare, resort and real estate sectors on a local and national level. The firm’s Hospitality & Leisure practice group serves resort investors, lenders, developers, owners and operators across the broad range of industries within the Hospitality & Leisure sector, including:

  • Hotels & Resorts Formation
  • Restaurant Licensing & Regulations
  • Bars, Nightclubs & Private Clubs
  • Alcohol Wholesalers & Manufacturer Licensing
  • Condominium Formation, Funding and Development
  • Supermarkets
  • Mixed-Use Projects
  • Sports Arenas
  • Cinemas
  • Entertainment Complexes and Establishments
  • Employment & Labor Negotiations
  • Employment Litigation

Developing its client network, the firm has expanded its reach to serve the $1.5 trillion hospitality sector nationwide delivering exceptional client services nationally from key hospitality centers such as Miami, New York City, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

The Hospitality, Alcohol & Leisure Industry Group creatively addresses client needs by providing a multi-disciplinary client centered approach offering a full range of legal services to clients in this sector such as:

  • Alcohol Beverage Licensing, Regulation and Compliance
  • Hospitality Industry Business Formation, Structuring & Development
  • Resort and Hotel Construction & Development
  • Contractual Agreements & Negotiations
  • Environmental Issues
  • Federal & State Regulatory Compliance
  • Finance & Transactions
  • Restructuring and Lender Agreements
  • Joint Ventures, Distribution and Strategic Business Relationships
  • Labor & Employment Negotiations, Litigation and Contracting
  • Hospitality Land Acquisition, Use & Zoning
  • Litigation
  • Immigration & Naturalization
  • Intellectual Property, Marketing & Advertising Compliance
  • Taxation, Valuation and Fiscal Oversight
  • Global Celebrities
  • Celebrity Branded Alcohol Products & Nightlife Venues

Notably, the team was select as Law360’s Practice Group of the Year for 2022 in Hospitality. In addition, two of the Hospitality, Alcohol & Leisure Industry Group’s lead attorneys, chair Louis J. Terminello and senior counsel Joshua Remedios, are recognized in the Nationwide: Food & Beverage category by Chambers and Partner USA in 2022. 


Meet the Team

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  • Alcohol Beverage Industry Group

    With more than 100 years of combined legal and regulatory experience, the Alcohol Beverage Industry Group at Greenspoon Marder helps clients navigate the various aspects of the three-tier alcohol industry.  The group represents alcohol retailers, distributors, suppliers, importers and related third parties such as marketing companies, financial institutions and sports franchises. Our integrated team advises clients on a wide range of industry regulations, jurisdictional requirements and alcohol beverage and tobacco licensing compliance. The group provides comprehensive legal representation and regulatory guidance relating to the manufacture, import, distribution, marketing and retail sale of alcohol beverage and tobacco products.

    The Alcohol Beverage Industry Group at Greenspoon Marder has experience in representing:

    • Restaurants
    • Supermarkets
    • Sports Arenas
    • Entertainment Complexes and Establishments
    • Cinemas throughout the United States
    • Nightclubs and Private Clubs
    • National Retail Chains
    • National Hotel Chains
    • Wholesalers
    • Bars & Lounges
    • Domestic and Foreign Suppliers
    • Manufacturers
    • Hotels & Resorts


    A sampling of services includes:

    • Alcohol beverage and tobacco licensing at the local, state and federal levels for all tiers of the alcohol industry;
    • Business licensing compliance for alcohol industry clients including hotels, restaurants, large box retailers, pharmacies and entertainment venues such as movie theaters, bars and nightclubs;
    • Alcohol marketing and labeling compliance and approvals;
    • Land use and zoning approvals for alcohol retailers and manufacturers;
    • Multi-state license transfer coordination and  tracking;
    • Alcohol purchasing and distribution analysis;
    • Distribution and import agreements;
    • Marketing and sponsorship agreements and trade practice compliance analysis;
    • Licensing due diligence and alcohol license purchase and sale transactions.
  • Upper Tier Alcohol Beverage Law Group

    Greenspoon Marder’s Upper Tier Alcohol Beverage Law group works across state jurisdictions, and at the federal level, and is skillfully versed in trade-practice, regulatory, compliance and licensing issues and all other legal concerns for beverage and non-beverage alcohol industry members.

    Upper tier industry members have specific legal and business challenges that demand experienced attorneys with the knowledge and experience to navigate the complex regulatory framework.

    From permit issues, regulatory and compliance matters, contract and trademark  (among other areas), the attorneys in Greenspoon Marder’s Upper Tier Alcohol Beverage Law group can assist suppliers, wholesalers and third party industry providers (start-ups and well established businesses) with legal strategies that are designed to meet and excel their business objectives and needs.

    Practice Areas for all Commodities (beer, wine and spirits) Include:

    • Federal Importer, Wholesaler and Producer and Permits
    • Non-Beverage Alcohol Producer Licensing
    • State Importers, Producers and Wholesaler Permits
    • Federal and State Regulatory Guidance
    • Formula Approval
    • Label Approval
    • US Customs and FDA Concerns
    • Beer/Wine and Spirits Trademark Matters
    • Contract Drafting and Review Between Upper Tier Members (Including Marketing Companies)
    • Federal and State Trade Practice Issues
    • Compliance Programs
    • Administrative Action Defense
    • Offers in Compromise

    The team is led by Louis J. Terminello, Esq., Michael Martinez, Esq., and Upper Tier Practice Coordinator, Bradley Berkman with combined knowledge and experience of nearly a century.

    Our Upper Tier Alcohol Beverage Law group is a proud member of the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) and National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA).

*Not an Attorney

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