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Trusted Business Allies

Greenspoon Marder LLP assists individuals and businesses of all sizes with a full range of legal services. If you are planning to start your own business or if you want to expand your current business, an experienced and knowledgeable business law attorney can help expedite the process and ensure your success.

  • Business Entity Formation and Advice
  • Corporations, LLCs, Non-Profits
  • Due Diligence
  • Custom Business Forms
  • Tax Debt & Creditor Resolutions
  • Contract Review and Development
  • Breach of Contract Disputes
  • Business Agreements
  • Member/Shareholder Disputes
  • Zoning/Business License Compliance

Our team is well prepared to handle business legal issues of any size or complexity. If litigation becomes necessary, we will work tirelessly to defend your rights and provide the best possible results for your case.

Realizing Your Business Dreams

Greenspoon Marder helps clients start their own businesses. Our team reviews your business plans and advises on issues involved in business formation and maintenance, including potential liability, corporate entity formation and tax structures. Once your business has been established, we continue to help it grow by advising on insurance coverage, investment strategies and corporate compliance issues. Our team looks after your best interests by finding strategies to limit your personal liability and improve your bottom line.

Helping Business Owners Move Forward

Greenspoon Marder works closely with business owners to ensure businesses run smoothly. Our team often negotiates and drafts contracts and agreements, assists with corporate compliance measures and tax filings, and represents businesses in shareholder disputes and commercial litigation cases. Our attorneys are seasoned negotiators, and know how to best represent your financial interests, successfully resolving your issues.

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Meet the Team
  • Business Law

    Business Entity Formation

    Greenspoon Marder can assist you in determining which corporate formation is right for you. From sole-proprietorships to limited liability companies, our team can assist in every aspect of forming and operating your business entity, including LLC, Non-Profit, and Corporate Business Formation. Our legal services include:

    • Corporate Entity Selection
    • Filing Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State
    • Filing Articles of Incorporation
    • Drafting Corporate Bylaws
    • Filing Statement of Trade Name
    • Secure Business Filing Set-up
    • Requests for Federal Employer Identification Numbers
    • Registration of Trademarks
    • Business Planning
    • Tax Elections
    • Registered Agent Services
    • Drafting of Operating Agreements
    • Tax Licensing
    • Business Licensing and Compliance

    Corporate Law and Contracts

    Most business transactions are conducted through the use of contracts. A contract is a binding agreement between two parties that sets terms for the transaction, including price, delivery and quantity of items to be sold. For business owners, it is essential to know what to do if you entered a contract and things haven’t turned out the way you expected. Greenspoon Marder has experience handling contract cases, and can provide you with the knowledgeable assistance you need and the skills you need to succeed.

    Contract Drafting and Review Services

    Our team provides contract-based services for our clients, including contract drafting, contract review, enforcement, and revision and modification of existing contracts. We are committed to helping our clients’ businesses thrive, and dedicated to helping you achieve the results you desire.

    Breach of Contract

    If one party to a contract does not live up to their side of the bargain, it is known as breach of contract, and the other party can sue for any damages that resulted from the breach. These damages are not necessarily physical. They can also include profits lost on sales that fell through and time wasted in waiting for deliveries that did not arrive as promised.

    Breach of contract is a fairly common occurrence in the world of business, and happens for various reasons. Greenspoon Marder represents clients in many types of breach of contract cases, including:

    • Failure to Pay for a Product or Services
    • Failure to Deliver a Product or Services
    • Missed Deadlines
    • Failure to Meet the Terms of a Secondary Agreement, such as a Lease, Mortgage or Loan Document
    • Disputes Over Terms in the Contract
    • Disputes Between Partners or Workers
    • Work Stoppages

    Our firm also represents clients who have breached their contracts purposely in order to pursue alternatives. We help clients in this situation develop defenses for their actions and vigorously defend their rights.

  • Tax Law

    Greenspoon Marder represents its clients before the IRS collections, appeals, and examinations divisions and state and local taxing authorities. Taxpayers are subject to a complex array of state and federal laws that can pose serious problems for their finances and for their businesses. Our firm helps find the solutions you need to solve your tax problems. We have assisted clients across the US with their tax compliance matters. Whether you need help with tax debt negotiations with the IRS or your local or state taxing authority, tax planning, audit representation, tax protests, liens and levies, innocent spouse relief, installment agreements, or offers in compromise, we have the knowledge and experience to help you today.

    Our firm represents clients throughout the many tax-related matters, including:

    • Tax Debt Relief
    • Tax Litigation and Representation
    • Tax Audit Protests
    • Tax Audit Representation
    • Substitute for Returns
    • Sales Tax Audits
    • IRS Related Issues
    • State and Local Tax Matters
    • Wage Garnishments
    • Penalty Abatements
    • Partial Pay Installment Agreements
    • Trust Fund Recovery Penalties
    • Liens and Levies
    • Income tax audits
    • Offers in Compromise
    • Delinquent Filing Issues
    • Installment Payment Agreements
    • Releases of Levies and Liens
    • Tax Amnesty Cases
    • Innocent Spouse Tax Relief Claims
    • Civil Tax Penalties
    • 280E

    Greenspoon Marder’s team of attorneys has years of experience handling compliance tax matters for individuals, businesses, estates, and corporations, including marijuana businesses. We analyze every element of your case to help protect your assets and can advise you on tax structures that comply with state and federal law. Our firm has extensive experience representing clients’ interests in front of the IRS and all 50 state’s tax agencies, and work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the best possible results. If you are facing an unjust tax or penalty assessment, our firm can help.

  • Marijuana Law

    Greenspoon Marder’s team of attorneys has experience handling the complex and evolving system of laws and regulations governing medical marijuana patients, caregivers, and businesses.

    Our team assists medical marijuana patients and caregivers, and marijuana consumers and businesses navigate through constantly changing and complex system of state-by-state marijuana laws and regulations. Our firm has the knowledge and experience to assist you with all your legal issues related to the recreational or medical use of marijuana.

    Our firm can provide legal assistance with:

    • Marijuana Businesses
    • Marijuana Business Licensing and Compliance
    • Marijuana Patients and Consumers
    • Marijuana Business Zoning or Jurisdictional Concerns
    • Tax Debt or Tax Audits for Marijuana Businesses/Business Owners & 280e Concerns
    • Employment Laws and Employer Concerns
    • Marijuana Business Contracts and Transactions
    • Criminal Charges Involving the Use or Cultivation of Marijuana
    • CDPHE Patient and Caregiver Issues
    • Marijuana Business & Patient Advocacy
    • Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division (MMED) Inspections of MMCs or OPCs
    • Medical Marijuana Code
  • Advocacy and Lobbying

    Greenspoon Marder works to serve the public interest and seeks the positive reform of marijuana laws. Our team utilizes the legal system to advocate for the rights of medical marijuana patients, caregivers, and adults who use marijuana responsibly. Our attorneys serve as advocates for the reform of current marijuana laws and have been active in supporting the passage of several state amendments.

  • Cannabis Entertainment

    The Cannabis Entertainment Group combines the expertise of Greenspoon Marder’s Cannabis Law Group along with Greenspoon Marder’s Entertainment, Media & Technology Industry Group. Together they advise entertainment industry related clients on activities within the cannabis industry, including creating name-brand cannabis strains and other areas of the intersection between the entertainment and cannabis industries.

*Disclaimer: The materials found in this site are for general informational purposes only and are not for the purpose of providing legal advice or legal opinions on specific facts or circumstances. Though certain individual state constitutions and related marijuana codes and associated regulations allow medical and recreational marijuana businesses, marijuana sales, marijuana cultivation, and marijuana possession by certain qualified individuals and businesses, the sale, cultivation, use, and distribution of marijuana (including hemp) remains ILLEGAL under Federal law.

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Media & Press

Media & Press

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